Global settings do not seem to be working


I set all the changes I wanted to set up on the site’s Theme Options but I don’t see them working on the new sections I’m creating or the sections I’m editing on the premade layout I installed, here’s a video showing you in more detail:

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Please be advised that all of the Theme Options will be applied globally when you are using the default header, default footer and when adding your page/post contents using the default WP editor. Since you have a custom header, custom footer, and the pre-made page layout, most of the elements were added in the Cornerstone page Builder, Header Builder, and Footer Builder. Each of the elements has its own styling which can be set or tweak in the builder only. The elements are independent and do not rely on the global settings in Theme Options.

If you want to change the colors of the navigation items in your header, you must go to Cornerstone > Header Builder and edit the custom header instead. Not familiar with the builders yet? You can check out these documentation articles:

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Thanks, I already did this, and didn’t work. Maybe I missunderstood your message but according to this article:

Whatever I set the global settings to would apply to new items I’m adding to my design, so I’m confused how to edit the flat button on my custom menu because there is no option (other than in the "Theme Options) to make that button 3D. I was using cornerstone theme options, I guess I’m not following how cornerstone settings do not work on cornerstone elements.

How can I make a 3D button using cornerstone settings?

Hello @JeenieJolie,

You can use the Classic Button element, it would render that global style for the button that is been set from the Theme Option.


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Thank you so much for your reply! With regards to the font size in mobile devices, how can I resize it depending on each device option?

Hey @JeenieJolie,

You need to apply the element Responsive Styling. Kindly check this out:

Or check out this video tutorial:

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I’m missing something, I didn’t get the text breakdown like on screen

Hello @JeenieJolie,

You need to click the keyword “Font” in your button settings, Button > Primary.

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I don’t see the options within the traditional header but it worked on other things, thanks

I’m also unable to make a section full width or resize the columns, is that something that can be done without making the entire site full width?

Hi @JeenieJolie,

You can set a Section width full by disabling the Global Container for the Row. You can set the width and max-width of the Row by disabling the Global Container.

Hope it helps.

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