One Page Navbar background color + changing the height of a row

Hello, I have two questions for the site

  1. I have a one page navbar and I would like to make the background solid color (non-transparent).

  2. In the section Expansive Thinking vs. Other Innovation Methods - I used a template from X and I can’t figure out how to change the spacing between the headline and the 3 columns . They should be closer together.

Thank you!

Hello LisaJ,

Thanks for the very detailed post information.

1.) This request needs a custom CSS. We are unable to provide support for customizations under our Support Policy. Kindly check out this old thread instead.

2.) The section you have mentioned consists of two rows. The first row contains the headline while the second row has been divided into 3 columns. The second row has a top margin of 45 pixels which why the headline and the columns have a gap in between. Reducing the top margin of the second row will bring the headline element closer to the columns below.

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Best Regards.

Thank you. Can you help me to understand where in the Cornerstone editor I can edit the top margin? I don’t see the option in this particular row.

I also don’t have the option to share a secure note for some reason so I can’t share credentials.

Thank you.

Hey @LisaChristen2,

It seems like the Advanced Mode is turned off in your setup. To see all the options and settings, please enable the Advanced Mode (see

After enabling the Advanced Mode, you can inspect your 3 Columns and reduce the top Padding to reduced the gap between the title and the content.

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Let us know how this goes!

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