Font Manager not working for Text element (only classic text)

Hello! I didn’t see this issue addressed. I followed the instructions for the font manager, but the Text element (not Classic Text) are not changing to the fonts selected in font manager. For example, see this page - .

I have the font set to Nunito in the Fonts section for Body Copy and Headings and then in the theme editor have the typography set to Body and Header. The classic text boxes are updating but not the newer Text boxes.


Hi Jessica,

Thank you for writing in, I see the Headlines and Body copy’s font-family as Nunito inherited from the Theme Options, which is exactly what you describe above.

Please clear all your caching plugins, including your browser’s cache.


Hi! It’s not picking up the changes from the Font Manager and the Theme Options. You can see it here when I changed the font to be “bold” in the font manager. Classic text fields are responding to the change, but not the newer text boxes. I’ve cleared the cache. Not sure why the new text fields are not responsive to the changes.

Hello Jessica,

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Hi Jessica,

I see, Unfortunately font-weight has no inherit option like font-family, you need to edit the Text Element itself to change the font-weight.

Hope it helps,

OK I understand. Thanks for taking a look and explaining the issue and solution.

Glad that we could be of help.


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