Site is Broken After Restoring to Older Version

i tried restoring my site to a version from August via Jetpack and I am getting a fatal error message leading to the Pro theme.

An error of type E_COMPILE_ERROR was caused in line 8 of the file /srv/htdocs/wp-content/themes/pro/cornerstone/includes/classes/classic/utility/class-shortcode-preserver.php. Error message: Cannot declare class Cornerstone_Shortcode_Preserver, because the name is already in use

Any help?

Hello @sterlinghealan,

Thanks for writing to us.

Are you using a Child theme? There could be a PHP code that is causing the issue. A 3rd party plugin could also be caused by a plugin conflict, amongst other things. Please check out this troubleshooting article here and follow the instructions for the following sections (where appropriate):

If none of those work, It would be best if you could copying your live website to your staging area. and send your details in a secure note so that we can investigate your setting without breaking your live site. Please provide the following details

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password
  • FTP details

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts


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