Revolution slider position on IE


I have a problem with Revolution Slider on browser Microsoft Edge.

I have a few websites, all running x theme.


On the first site and third site you see that the video is full screen on Google Chrome but on IE is located in the top left corner.
The second page has the background video in full screen but when I resize the window the video itself shrinks.

All help is appreciated.

Best redards

Hi Luka,

Thank you for writing in, sorry but I’m not entirely certain about the issue on the second site, that is how a background normally behaves, please clarify.

The first and third site is using a WebM and MOV video format which are not fully supported by IE and Edge


Please optimize and convert your videos to mp4 formats

You can try this free conversion tool here.

Hope it helps,


thanks for quick reply.

I will try converting the video and let you know the result.

I am sending you the picture with the problem with 2nd site on IE. The video doesn’t scretch but remains in 16:9 ratio.

I hope you can see the problem now.

Best regards

Hi Luka,

Thanks for the clarification, that seems to be an issue with Fullwidth layout background video on IE too. Can you confirm that your slider is set to Full-Screen mode.


Hi Friech,

thanks for your response.

I tested your instructions on a site
I converted the video to MP4 and checked that the revolution slider’s layout is on full screen, but the problem on Edge/IE remains.

Do you have any idea what can I do to fix the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Hi Luka,

Please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.



sending login info bellow.


moved to secure note

Hi Luka,

Thank you for the credentials, you have this custom CSS on your child theme’s style.css file that is causing the slider background-video issue. Please remove this or modified it so it can not affect the slider.

.html5vid.fullcoveredvideo video{
	position: absolute!important;
	top: 0!important;
	left: 0!important;
	z-index: 1!important;
	min-height: 100%!important;
	min-width: 100%!important;
	height: auto!important;
	width: 100%!important;
	object-fit: cover!important;
	background-position: 50% 50%!important;
	background-position-x: 50%!important;
	background-position-y: 50%!important;



Thank you sooo much. All the problems are solved just by removing the CSS code. (On all 3 pages)
Sorry for wasting your time with such an “issue”.

Best regards and thanks again.

You’re welcome Luka!
We’re glad @Friech were able to help you out.

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