Visual Composer not working with X

Hello our previous site was built with visual composer and I have enabled the checkbox for the composer to work - but it is not. You can see from the site (well it is under construction but I will send a screenshot) that all of the items are either not visible, in the wrong place, or skewed - I read thru the help and found nothing so far. Video not working and all areas of front page are wrong… Also - X theme is not visable while I am in Theme Options it simply doesn’t load

Hi @businessbackpacke,

Do you have any cache plugin installed?
Please try to clear your plugin cache and check again.

If that doesn’t help, please provide us your wordpress admin login in Secure Note


Hi I don’t see a cache plugin and checked the settings and cache is on zero

Hey @businessbackpacker,

We’re sorry for the confusion. Based on your screenshot, you’re using the Frontend Editor of Visual Composer and our theme does not really support that. For more details, please see

One thing you could is to use Visual Composer natively by unchecking Legacy X Integration in WPBakery Page Builder > General Settings. Please note that you will not be able to use our X Integrated elements. Please also remember that our theme does not support Visual Composer natively as mentioned in the article I linked to above.

I checked the Theme Options and I see errors in the console coming from a third-party plugin. Please try testing for a plugin conflict. You can do this by deactivating all third party plugins, and seeing if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time.

Because you also have a lot of plugins, you might need to increase your WordPress memory to avoid potential errors. You can follow this article:


Hi I tried the front end as the backend isn’t working - can you please tell me how to view the fix as this doesn’t make anything show up differently on the actual web pages?

Also I removed plugin that was erroring and unticked the recommended box but then it just goes to shortcode and does not show actual source images or buttons anymore –

Lastly, please recommend code for footer custom color as I cannot find where to code

Hey @businessbackpacker,

To your claim:

I tested Visual Composer Backend Editor and it the editor works as well as the front-end output. The editor is a bit slow though but it’s not caused by our theme. It could be a problem with your web host or you’re running out of memory.

Regarding the third-party plugin, please contact the plugin author as we do not have support for third-party plugins and especially it’s not an issue with our theme.

Regarding the Footer Color, you’re using Ethos and in Ethos, the Topbar Background also sets the Bottom Footer. That is the design of Ethos.

I see that you have used CSS to modify the background. You have a syntax error that’s why it doesn’t work.

Correct your CSS and it should work.

Hope that helps.

Hi can you please view the front main page with all of the shortcodes like this:

I can’t figure out why it is showing like this? It does not go away no matter the load time

This is what I am talking about:

Hey @businessbackpacker,

Sorry I thought you know already that those are powered by the third-party plugin you disabled and that is conflicting with the Theme Options.

In my previous reply, I said that you should contact the third-party plugin developer. Show them the console error in the screenshot I posted previously.

If you opt to not use the plugin, remove those shortcodes from your content. We cannot tell you how because it is not our plugin.

Thank you for understanding.

YES I UNDERSTAND BUT IF IT IS ON OR OFF IT STILL DOES NOT WORK AND THE SHORTCODE IS STILL THERE PLEASE READ FULLY BEFORE YOU REPLY AGAIN - I am now sending six emails for one issue please pass along to another tech assistant that has a solution for integration with X theme - this is an integration issue and I have paid for your help. I expect that someone will actually help. If you see it now I turned the plugin back on and either way there is an issue. So, therefore, it goes beyond one plugin and is an issue with the actual coding of the site. I need to know how to resolve.

Hey @businessbackpacker,

I certainly understand your frustration here but I’ve read fully what you posted. I’ll still answer the same. This is not an integration issue nor an issue with our products.

Our theme does not support native Visual Composer elements, therefore, we could not help further with issues related to native elements of VC, it’s add-ons and third-party plugins. I am ready to help with issues with our products but our product support only covers issues with our products and this case is an issue with a third-party plugin namely the Themeum Core plugin and this is regardless of whether the X Integration is enabled or not. I’ve recorded a video so all can see what I did here. See

To further drive that this is not an integration issue, I’ve created a test page using native Visual Composer elements and they work. See They work whether Legacy X Integration is enabled or not.

That only means that the problem is really with the Themeum plugin. Please understand that we cannot support it. This is not an issue with our theme nor our integration with Visual Composer. And again, what we support is based on the usage of Visual Composer that is mentioned here: I’ve posted this in my previous reply:

If you’re not willing to ask support on the Themeum plugin’s side, it’s best that you rebuild your pages with Cornerstone or Visual Composer (without the Themeum content) as you can see it works in my test.

I’ll pass this along to our leadership team to assess what I did here. This could not be escalated to be fixed as this is an issue with a third-party plugin.

Please stay tuned.


You’re welcome. Regretfully, we do not know what the features are of the Themeum Core plugin so we can’t suggest an alternative.

Regarding the error, it’s due to all caps.


Hey There,

Just as an information. A new version of Visual Composer is now available. You might want to give that update a try.

OK Thank you are you referring to a plugin? I don’t see any outdated updates on my end. Happy to add anything you think would help :slight_smile:

Hi @businessbackpacker,

You have the latest version for Visual Composer already that is version 6.0.2. Yes, I can confirm with @christian_y 's reply that you need to consult the third party developer regarding the issue or rebuild the page. Thank you.

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