Smartphone error - template content shown instead of created content

The website on the smartphone shows content of the template but on my laptop the website is fine.

Hello Wouter,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I checked the website and it seems that the website is under-construction. Can you please share the credentials in secure note for us to take a closer look?


Hi there,

How does it work. I cannot click on the secure note button.

Hey Wouter,

Just to confirm, are you clicking on the secure note button under your response?


Now I see it, but can i just publish the website for a short time?

Hi Wouter,

Sure, please deactivate the under construction and we’ll check. Then activate it later after we checked it.

But we may still request credentials in case we need to check and test it in admin.


Just published the website

Hi Wouter,

Yes, I just replied to your other thread. I’ll close this duplicate thread and let’s discuss it there :slight_smile: