Text will not stay centered

On my contact page I have section 1 at the top, there is a background with a large Text Column and a Button on it, I wanted to use another large centered Text in section 2 but no matter what I do the Text shrinks and moves to the left side of the page on the actual website even though it is showing correctly in cornerstone. I tried using a Headline, and That Moves the Button and Text in section 1 to the left of the screen when I do that, I tried putting a gap between the sections, no luck… What is the problem?

Hi John,

Thank you for writing in, is that the site you’re working on below? Its under “Coming Soon” page please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.

In the meantime, we just release the manual updates for Pro 3.1.0 a few hours ago. You can download the latest version from your dashboard page. The downloads can be used for manually updating or setting up a new install.

You can follow the Manual Updates guide provided here. More details about this release on our changelog page.


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