Builder acting weird. Columns stacked and 100% width. Can't add elements

Builder acting strange. Colunms are stacked and the grid element is sort of there (bottom of picture) but I can’t edit the columns or add new elements. I had this happen last week and I turned off all plugins and it worked normally. I turned on plugins three at a time and it still worked normally, so I was not able to find a plugin issue with the builder. The issue started happening again today. Wordpress cleared the cache and that didn’t fix the issue. I’m not sure what else to try? The issue is the same for a coworker working remotely, so it’s now a browser cache issue.

Running WP 5.4 and version 3.2.3 of Pro.

Hi Alyssa,

This seems to be indeed a plugin related problem. I have a suggestion but it will need you to create a staging version of your website. That way you will be able to do the tests without affecting the live website.

I think it is a mixture of the cache and plugin. Please disable all the plugins. If you have a cache plugin, please clear the cache and then disable the plugin.

Then test the frontend and make sure that your browser cache is cleared. Kindly ask your remote coworker to do so. If the problem goes away that shows that you are on the right path and a plugin is causing the issue.

Then try to enable the plugins one by one and test each case completely to make sure you will find the culprit.

If you still have problems after your testing we will be happy to take a look into your website but you will need to give the staging version login info using a Secure Note to make sure our changes and tests will not affect the live website.

Thank you.

Same problem here… Columns are stacking.

Hi Alyssa,

As mentioned in the last reply we will appreciate it if you create a staging version of your website and get back to us with the login information using a Secure Note so that we can investigate.

Having the screenshot will not help us as we need to check the real version and check our browser console to see if there is an error or not and do the typical troubleshooting steps.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Hi @alesfischinger,

It could be that the preview area width is less than 980px that is why the columns appear stacked.

Try switching the view to the next device then set it to display two columns side by side:

Hope this helps.

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