Sticky header gets stuck on second bar

Hi Team,

Having an issue with the sticky headers. The page gets ‘stuck’ while trying to scroll and after a while the header will finally break and become sticky and you will be able to scroll down the rest of the page. This happens on the home page with a one bar header and everywhere else with a 2 bar (only one sticky) header. I tried deactivation and removing all speed optimization plugins and I am still having the issue.

The website is

I have made a quick video documenting this, see below below. To be clear, this is happening across all devices and viewports.

Forgot to include it in the video, but the Z index for the top bar is 99999 and the z index for the bottom bar is 999.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Hunter,

Thank you for writing in and for the screencast, but I can’t replicate that issue on my end, actually, on my end the Bar is not sticky, and the mobile menu is not opening, it seems to be affected by this JS error.

Would you mind clearing and deactivating your caching plugin for a while and see if this resolves the error and your bar issue.

And try setting the Sticky Bar’s Trigger Offset to 0.

If none of this work, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a look on your header configuration.



It looks like the cause was the jquery loading issue. This is working now.


Glad to hear that,


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