Text elements rejected

When trying to edit the page http://klimatriksdagen.se/gastbloggen/ belonging to my website, I run into problems when using Text or Classic Text elements. In section 1, text elements containing text within <p></p> tags are not displayed and Classic Text elements do not show up at all, regardless of content. This seems specific to this page as other pages work fine in Cornerstone editing.

The thing that happens when text doesn’t show up is that a gray-striped “T” rectangle is displayed and the text content is not displayed at the front end.

Can you help me find a way out of this?

Hey Kalle,

That is usually caused by syntax error in custom HTML. Please inspect the Text element for HTML syntax errors. To check for errors, you can paste your code in HTML validation sites like http://htmlhint.com/.

If you’re not using custom HTML, please give us your site’s WordPress Login URL, Username and Password so we could see the issue and the exact cause. Post sensitive information in a Secure Note.


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