How to create clickable box with image and text

Hey guys I hope you are all doing well, I’m hoping you can help me with something.
I want to create a clickable box with an image and some text underneath it. I would like the whole box to be clickable. is this possible with an element?
I would like something that looks like the section under the text “Let us help you finance your next:” on the following website It is the section with 4 columns.
Can you please help?
Thank you, Justin

Hello Justin,

Thanks for writing in!

Yes, you can have a clickable box with an image and a text element. Simply create a section, row, and 4 columns. In each of the columns, use the <a> as your tag. You can do that in the column element settings.

You can check out the example here:

Hope this helps.

Hey i followed your steps and i put the link in the coloum however its putting the website url before the link eg.
i think i must be missing a step or doing something wrong can you please help?

Hello Justin,

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no problem is there a way where i can share login details so that only you can see

Hello Justin,

Create a secure note and that is where you can share the details.


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