PRO Header Error on Update

Hey there, the PRO header on the home page is now rendering wild after updating PRO this last time. I updated wordpress and then PRO and it happened. This is the on the dev site. What is happening so I can make changes before updating the live site?

Hi Noelle,

If you have any cache plugin or if your server has a cache feature. Please try clear hose caches and check again.

If this does not help, please provide us your wordpress admin login in Secure Note so we can take a closer look.

I am including login credentials privately. Please take a look. It is not cache. Thank you so much!

Hi Noelle,

To fix this, you need to remove all the negative margins for all these elements.

The negative margins breaks the layout.

Hope this helps

This did work but why?
When I go to the live site and open the header and remove all of this it totally messes up the header. (I do not save it of course)

Why is it that the latest update to PRO makes it render differently?
I am just asking to prevent it next time.

I needed the settings above to make it render correctly before the update.
Would love clarity :thinking:

Thank you!! :hugs:

Hi @Noellemena,

Nothing has changed with regards to rendering really, but we know that negative margins/paddings can cause haywire to a responsive layout. Maybe it’s the cache that keeps the layout together and when the cache gets clear (after update) that’s when you see the issue.


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