Seeking Advise RE: font management

Good day. I’m building a new site with the latest version of X-Pro and I seem to have dug myself into a bit of a hole, so I’m looking for some advice.

To begin, my client is requiring me to use custom fonts. I tried everything I could to get the X-Pro font manager to load and recognize the fonts and could not get it to work. So, I decided to load the fonts onto the server and use @font-face in the Custom CSS window to access the fonts.

I now have quite a lot of CSS code in the Custom CSS window, as I’m editing for every device. I seem to be having many issues that are hard to explain, but I’m starting to believe that I may be having conflicts between my CSS and the CSS that’s attached to the theme (just a theory, of course).

I decided that I want to move the CSS out of the Custom CSS window, within the Theme, and place the code into the style sheet in the Child Theme. I’m thinking, perhaps, I’ll have fewer issues if I’m using the actual style sheet(?). However, when I take the CSS out of the Custom CSS window in the Theme and paste it into the style sheet, the CSS does not get applied. I’m a little confused by this as I’m using the child-theme that came with the version of X-Pro I downloaded.

Perhaps if I simply clear my cache, the style sheet will be recognized? What are your thoughts regarding this?

I probably could have avoided a lot of work if I was able to use the custom font manager in X-Pro, however, when I add the fonts to the Media library, through the Custom Font Manager, I am then unable to see the fonts in the Library when I try to add the custom font to the font library. Are you aware of any issues around this?

Any thoughts you can share will be appreciated.


Hello Michael,

Thanks for writing in! You may have issues with your media gallery which may not allow the font files to be uploaded. Please check out this documentation related to the font manager:

If nothing is helping, kindly provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
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– WP Administrator Role

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out: How The Forum Works

Best Regards.

Thank you Ruenel. I contacted my host provider and I’ve been able to get the custom fonts loaded. Unfortunately, the font-size VW (Viewport Width) is not an option in the theme, so I’m still relegated to doing a lot of CSS to get the fonts to function the way my client wants them to. It would be nice if VW was an option.

On another note:
I have applied a lot of CSS to this site and I want to move my code out of the Custom CSS window, within the Theme, and place it in the Style sheet located in the Child theme. However, when I do this, the CSS does not load and has no effect on the site. Any thought on this?

Hello @mcaravaglia

The VW (Viewport Width) option not available in the latest version of Pro theme. You can use calc to control font sizes in different screen sizes. Here is a documentation We will add VW (Viewport Width) it to our feature request lists.
See Screenshot

Regretfully, we do not provide support for child theme modifications so you’d need to hire or consult with a developer to assist you to fix the issue.

Thanks for understanding

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