Issue with Cornerstone after migrating to root directory

Hi There,

The Cornerstone builder is not displaying the normal sections within the inspector area for my home page.
The other pages are working fine from what I can tell.
I have performed a search and replace using the Better Search and Replace plugin, but still no luck.
Sorry, I am usually able to find solutions to my problems via your forum, but this one has me stumped!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Hutts,

Have you also performed as search and replace for:

    search for http:\/\/ and replace it with https:\/\/

If the issue persists, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Thanks Jade… i tried the find and replace but still no luck.
I will send you the details if you could have a look please.

Hello Hutts,

Thanks for providing the details. I checked the homepage and from the looks of it, the page was edited outside Cornerstone which affects the serialized data of the page which is why the page does not display correctly when you open it in Cornerstone.

Another possibility would be something during the update of the URL or migration went wrong which affected the homepage.

Is there a chance that you have a backup of the previous site or still have it online? If so, you can save the homepage as a template then download if an export it to the live site:

This would be the easiest way since it is only the homepage that has the problem.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Jade… i did make a backup prior to migration using the cpanel backup wizard.
Would you have a suggestion for a process to use the backup. I was thinking i could just replace the X-theme template from the themes directory via ftp??

Hi Hutts,

That might not be ideal because the pages in Cornerstone are saved in the database so it’s not really the files that are affected but the serialized data that are saved in the database.

So kindly make sure to also migrate the database file too.

Hope this helps.

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