IE11 - X Pro inline navigation elements not dropping down

I’m having the same issue as described in this thread but the supplied workaround isn’t fixing the issue:

Any suggestions?

Hello @Bangak,

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Hey @bangak,

It is weird that I couldn’t replicate the issue in my site with the same setup as yours. Technically, the x-active class isn’t added in the succeeding menu items with children.

For now, the workaround or temporary fix for your case is adding the following JS code in your Header’s CSS. The code is already added in your header as I’ve tested it.

(function($) {
    $('.menu-item-has-children').each(function() {
            $(this).on('mouseenter mouseleave', function() {

May I just request that once a theme update is released, please remove the temporary code and check if the issue will still persists.

And if you can, please create a test site in a different server and try out the Navigation Inline so if the issue still persists in the new server, something could really be broken with the element.

Hope that helps and thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you! I’ll follow up after the next release.

Hi @bangak

Glad to help you.
Have a great day.

Thank you.

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