Video not playing from revslider


I made some changes to text and replaced the video in one of my rev sliders that has worked fine up til now. Tried rebuilding, still not working.

Now I can’t get the video to play. Replaced all the assets and read support threads related to the problem for others. I still can’t seem to get any new youtube video to play after investigating problems and solutions.

Here’s the page example

As a test, I uploaded youtube hero slider and only placed video and it didn’t play. Just in case of gremlins, I even exported the video again and re-uploaded to youtube and it doesn’t play :–0

Also, can I accomplish the same effect as the rev slider with video in the background of a section using cornerstone as I have in this example using elementor?

I have had trouble getting a youtube video to play in the section, row, or column backgrounds

Just reaching out for options to resolve, Thanks

Hi @vxrworks,

Thank you for writing in, one of your sections has the Youtube video background playing. Would you mind to clarify the issue? Is there a chance that you’re using a touch screen device? Because the background-video is intentionally disabled on mobile for performance purpose.

Regarding the Revolution Slider video, please review the setup here.

If the issue persists, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Thank you, let me check the set up steps you provided to ensure I created the slider correctly.

Also, I changed the header in question to a still slider so I need to change it back to the one that has a youtube video not playing, sorry for that, my bad I forgot to change it back.

In addition, the video shown in the screenshot is working, but it is self-hosted, which we are not set up to take too much advantage of based on server limitations, etc.

I have reactivated the slider that employs the youtube video using the video’s youtube ID

P.S. I will attach login in secure note after I investigate the suggestion


Hi @vxrworks,

I have checked the markup of that Section and I see Youtube video

Please provide us login credentials in a secure note, so we can take a look at the slider and section configuration.


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