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For some reason in my “blog” the 2nd page is broken and I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve read support articles here, along with in other places online and tried adding their suggestions to my function.php file - none of which worked…

How do I fix the pagination so page options are displayed correctly? I currently have Reading ->Blog pages show at most set to 20… and it seems no matter what number I try it doesn’t work correctly and comes back with a 404.

Any idea how to fix?

Main Page:
Problem Page::

Thank you!

Hello @dannycort,

Thanks for posting in!

This issue usually happens when you add a Looper Provider in a custom archive layout. You will need to disable the Looper Provider and make use of the Looper Consumer instead. If this is not working, we would love to check your site settings. You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WP login URL
– WP username
– WP password
– WP Administrator Role
- Confirmation that we can access and make changes to your site

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out: How The Forum Works

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Created a Product Categories layout and wanted to display the sub categories so to do that they had me use a provider… so I think I need the provider to ensure that works (if I turn the provider off then the sub categories do not display correctly on Product Category pages).

I will leave site access so you can see it, test it, and make necessary changes. The layout name for the WC Archive I am using is named “WC Category Layout”

Hello @dannycort,

I have checked both layouts. Please understand that WC Archive (WC Category Layout ) is for WooCommerce archive pages while the Archive (Blog Pages) is for the post archives. The issue only happens in the Blog Pages archive. Do you have any custom PHP codes that modify the query? I cannot investigate further because the role of the given user credentials is very limited. If you can make the account as a Super Admin, that would really help.

Best Regards.

Hi Ruenel,

I apologize for the delay, I’ve been swamped with the holidays.

I just checked and the account you have to access my site is an admin… so not sure what other privilege’s
I can give you there (admin is the highest level on my site… even my account is admin).

There is the following in my child theme’s function.php file in order to make it so my shop category pages display properly…

add_filter('cs_looper_custom_subcat', function($result, $args) 
$category = get_queried_object();
  $cat_args = array(
    'hide_empty' => 1,
    'parent'=> $category->term_id,
    'taxonomy' => 'product_cat',
  $subcats = get_categories($cat_args);
return $subcats;
}, 10, 2);

add_filter( 'get_terms', 'ts_get_subcategory_terms', 10, 3 );
function ts_get_subcategory_terms( $terms, $taxonomies, $args ) {
$new_terms = array();
// if it is a product category and on the shop page
if ( in_array( 'product_cat', $taxonomies ) && ! is_admin() &&is_shop() ) {
foreach( $terms as $key => $term ) {
if ( !in_array( $term->slug, array( 'build-a-bundle','proshop','passes','open-session-rental-packages' ) ) ) { //pass the slug name here
$new_terms[] = $term;
$terms = $new_terms;
return $terms;

I think that is all that I was told to put there. I had another support ticket to get it so my shop category pages displayed they subcategories correctly (they were not showing correctly out of the box).

Thank you,

Hi Danny,

We are a little confused here, the issue you mentioned in your first post is related to the Blog Page pagination, and later on, you mentioned the Layout name “WC Category Layout” where the pagination is working fine. I would suggest you please confirm the issue once so we can help you with that.


HI Tristup,

So I’ve got two different layout pages:

Layout One
One for my Blog Pages which is an Archive page - this is where the pagination isn’t working .
It can be viewed here:
The layout used for that is name “Blog Pages” in the layout builder.

Layout Two
This one is used for my shop - pagination IS working on this page, but I had do open a different support topic to get that page working (here is that support thread - Cannot get WC Archive page to work)
You can view that page here:
If you view any of the “product category pages” you will see they are working the same, and it took support ot get it so the sub categories of each category would display correctly.

So - to confirm the issue - pagination is not working correctly on my Blog Pages that are found here and are using the Layout named "blog pages."

Hi Danny,

Thanks for the clarification.
I have checked the Blog Page layout and found that the Pagination is not working and showing the 404 page. I went ahead and unassigned the Layout and found the Default blog page is also showing the same error on the pagination.
There might be some different reasons behind your issue, I would like to suggest troubleshooting the following common issue to help us to recognize the reason.

1.Theme Related Issue
2.Plugin Conflict
3.Theme Update related issue
4.Child Theme Related issue
5.CSS/JS Customization
6.Disabling Cache
7.Disabling CDN

If you discover that an issue is coming from a custom code or 3rd party plugin, kindly consult with a developer or contact the plugin author. Please note that we do not provide support for custom codes and 3rd party plugins.
I would also suggest you check by activating any of the default themes like *TwentyTwenty, and let us know if the issue does not exist with it.
If none of the above helps, please copy your live site to a staging server so we could troubleshoot freely without breaking your live site.
And give us access in the secure note including:

– WordPress Site URL & Login URL
– WordPress Admin username/password

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