Reading specific elements of a dynamic content array

I am using the Ultimate Member plugin so that users can create accounts on my website. The sign-up form (of Ultimate member) has custom fields. All those fields are stored by Ultimate member within an array which has the name “submitted”. I can access that array with {{dc:user:meta key=“submitted”}}. This returns all the entries of the array (just the values, not the names) as a text-string; the individual entries of the original array are separated by comma (,)
For example, if the array has two elements with name “field1” and “field2”, which have the values “value1” and “value2”, then {{dc:user:meta key=“submitted”}} returns “value1,value2” (without the quotation marks, of course). Is there a syntax to return the value of a specific entry? For example, the following does not work: {{dc:user:meta key=“submitted.field1”}}

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Please check the return value of your custom field. You should select “value” instead of an array as the returned value. We would be happy to check your user meta and the return values if we can access your site. You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
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Thank you, @ruenel,
I have solved it. It was really easy.
It is directly accessible in the form {{dc:user:meta key=“field1”}}

Glad to hear you’re able to sort it out.

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