Convert Plus Contacts not syncing with MailChimp

Hi Themeco,

I’ve searched around a bit in the forums here and elsewhere and haven’t found an answer to issue I’m experiencing, so hopefully I can get some help here. One of my clients is using the Convert Plus plugin that comes bundled with Pro, along with the MailChimp add-on, and the MailChimp list that the Convert Plus modal is supposed to add subscribers to is way off in terms of number of subscribers over the past month. Convert plus is showing around 150 new contacts, while the MailChimp list only shows a little over 30 new subscribers.

There’s no double-opt in email setup in MailChimp, double opt-in is disabled in Convert Plus, so there’s no email sent to a subscriber to confirm their subscription. There’s only one required field (email) for the MailChimp list, and only an email field for the Convert Plus modal. I can match some of the email addresses between both the MailChimp and Convert Plus subscribers, but again, a good chunk of them aren’t being added to the MailChimp list in question.

Any ideas why only some of the email submissions in the Convert Plus modal are not making it to the MailChimp list they should be getting added to?

Hi @ByteJockeyz,

To better assist you with this issue, kindly provide us the following info in Secure Note

  • site url
  • admin user
  • admin password
  • mailchimp login


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