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Hi, I started building a site using the goole font ‘source sans pro’. Then I decided to switch the site to use an Adobe Font ‘proxima nova’. I went into the Font Manager, added my Project ID and the font shows up in the Font Manager.
Then I went and changed the font being used in the ‘Headings’ and ‘Body’ sections to use the new ‘proxima nova’ font. The problem is that the website still shows the old google font. No matter what I do it shows the google font!

I can see that the ‘proxima nova’ gets loaded and if I use the inspector and disable ‘source sans pro’ for a particular element it then switches to using ‘proxima nova’. I can see within the console that ‘source sans pro’ is over writing the ‘proxima nova’ setting within the (index) page. How can I get rid of this? I can’t find anywhere that ‘source sans pro’ is set but it’s on every page.

The url to the page is:

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Please go to Cornerstone > Theme Options > Typography and make sure that you have assigned Proxima Nova as your Body and Content or Headings font family. If after trying you are still experiencing problems, we would love to loagin to your site so that we can investigate further. You can create a secure note in your next reply with the following info:
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Since you have added the ADOBE fonts in the Font Manager, you will also need to enable the Font Manager in Cornerstone > Theme Options > Typography and then assigned it to the Body and Content or Headings font family.

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