After updating visual composer getting error

After updating visual composer getting error

“The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”

Hi @Golfasian,

Most probably the plugin update did not complete.

Try to delete visual composer plugin by deleting the folder js_composer in wp-content/plugins/
Then install it back via X > Validation page


Hii, Thanx for reply…but after following steps we are getting “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.”

Hi @Golfasian,

In that case, please provide us your wordpress and ftp login in Secure Note


I m Sending you Login Credentials in Secure Note

Hi @Golfasian,

This error message is most likely a Fatal PHP error. Please set wp debug to TRUE in your wp-config.php file?

By setting it to true, WordPress will return the exact PHP error instead of error 500.

If you can’t do that, please provide us with your FTP account as well.

Thank you.

Now getting this error

Reply Fast

Hi @Golfasian,

Please login to your FTP account.

Then rename this directory: /home/vietnamg/public_html/wp-content/plugins/js_composer/

To this: /home/vietnamg/public_html/wp-content/plugins/js_composer.old/

Thank you.


Hi @Golfasian,

Do you have any custom code under functions.php file locates in your child theme related to the WPBakery Builder plugin?

Can you please login to your FTP account and temparorily remove them?

If it still doesn’t help, please share us with your admin account so we can take a closer look.

Thank you.

function x_child_visual_composer_update_existing_shortcodes(){
if ( function_exists( ‘vc_add_param’ ) ) {
vc_add_param( ‘vc_row’, array(
‘type’ => ‘textfield’,
‘heading’ => “HTML ID”,
‘param_name’ => ‘element_id’,
‘value’ => ‘’,
‘description’ => __( “Assign an ID to the row”, “discprofile” ),
) );

	// Update 'vc_row' to include custom vc_row template and remap shortcode
	$new_map = vc_map_update( 'vc_row', array( 'html_template' => locate_template( 'vc_templates/vc_row.php' ) ) );

	// Remove default vc_row
	vc_remove_element( 'vc_row' );

	// Remap shortcode with custom template
	vc_map( $new_map['vc_row'] );

add_action( ‘wp_loaded’, ‘x_child_visual_composer_update_existing_shortcodes’ );

Why this code is used? after commenting this code visual composer is working…

Hi There @Golfasian

It seems that you have copied that code from the following or similar ( It seems that code has some bugs, so you need to report it there or avoid using that code.


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