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Hi There!

Is there a way to have the video resize proportionally when on the mobile version? Right now it crops the video window and it doesn’t look right. See image below:

Also is there a way to remove “Powered by Convert Plus”?

Thank you!

Hello Luis,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

1.) I have checked your site and I could not see the modal popup. Do we need to click a button or something? Anyways, please make sure that you have inserted the correct Youtube embed code. The given code should display responsively.

2.) To remove the “Powered by ConvertPlus” or the affiliate link, kindly edit your modal popup and then go to Design > Advanced Options > Affiliate Link and then disable it.

If this is NOT helping, provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WP login URL
– WP username
– WP password
– WP Administrator Role

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out: How The Forum Works

Best Regards.

Hi @ruenel,

The plugin doesn’t let you use embed code, just the ID code from the URL. I have the modal in pause because is not working correctly. I’m sending you requested. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:


Hi Luis,

Can you make your modal up again and let us know where to click to show the modal video so that we can better help you with your concerns.

Thank you.

Hi @marc_a is active now :slight_smile:

Hi Luis,

The modal video is just looking great on the mobile and it is responsive. The picture you see in the first load is the poster image for youtube which we don’t have any control when using the video element in Convert Plus but when you play the youtube it is clearly viewable.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

Hi @mark_a
Thanks for looking into it. Yes, that’s what doesn’t look good. The image is cropped so it looks unprofessional :frowning: Hopefully you can control the Poster Image form YouTube in the future.


Hi Luis,

You’re welcome.

Thank you.

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