Woocommerce Flat Rate Not Working Properly

Hi there, I’m not sure where to post this, I wrote to Woocommerce support but they claim that since I bought it bundled through x theme, they cannot offer me product support (only the general wordpress community forum) which is disappointing :frowning:

I have created an International Flat Rate Shipping zone for my products with countries defined (not postal codes, just countries). However SOME orders are NOT being charged this (very expensive) international shipping cost.

Sometimes these are orders from the SAME country: one order would be charged and the other not. And sometimes orders are not charged this shipping even though the country is defined. Please help, I’ve been losing money because this appears to be so random that I didn’t even know it was going on…


Hi @rotipom,

Thank you for writing in, and sorry to hear that you’re having that issue. Is the issue only happening to a specific country? If so, which one? I tested a few countries and on all tests, I get the International Flat Rate (USPS): either $192.00 or $320.00.

If the issue persists, please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Hi there! Thanks for testing!
Yikes it should not be $192 or $320! My International Flat Rate is $24.
I will provide login details…

GB (Great Britain/UK) is the one that’s been having problems because I’ll have purchases that have shipping on them and others that don’t. And both are from the same country. Australia is also having this problem.
I’ve had problems with Netherlands and Sweden too but that was because I didn’t have them in the list of countries and have added them. I’m not sure if it has solved the issue.

Hi @rotipom,

I would just like to add some more clarification regarding this. There are two group of plugins that come with X. These are the bundled and approved plugins. Essentially, we fully support bundled plugins because we provide them along with the theme.

Woocommerce belong to the approved plugins group. Approved plugins are simply plugins that we have added styling for, so that they work seamlessly with the theme (for example, we add styling for WooCommerce so that products take on the default stack styling). We recommend users who are using the approved plugins to get in touch directly with the plugin developer for support from a technical standpoint but if there’s something that we have added that is now broken because of an update, we would need to fix that on our end.

Now back to the shipping fee issue on your site. I tried to do some checking and it looks like the shipping cost are correct based on the settings you have in the backend.

For example, I have added Airawata to the cart and went to the checkout process and calculated the cost. The product is $525.00and the shipping fee is $78.75 which is correct if you base it in your settings.

I set Vietnam as the address country which falls under Locations not covered by your other zones:

When you edit the setting, you will find the different calculations you have set depending on the shipping category of the product:

When you check the settings for the Airawata product item, and when you go to the shipping info, the shipping class set to the product is Art-specialty

And if you go back to the shipping fee settings you have set [fee percent="15" min fee"50" max fee"150"] for "Art-Specialty" shipping class cost

So 15% of $525.00 is $78.75 so the shipping fee being calculated in the checkout it correct.

I would suggest going over the calculations you have set for the products based on their shipping class as it could be something you have overlooked.

Hope this explains it.

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