Essential Grid not showing skins and not viewing on page

We have a site which we have duplicated and moved from across to our domain

The Essential Grid which is on the site is working totally fine but on the duplicated website on the .com version the skins are missing and the grid is not showing. I have purchased an outright essential grid licence for the new site but can’t upload it since there is no option to do this as the grid comes as part of the theme.

Any options welcome! We are wanting to extend the grid items for other parts of the new website but we can not do this without the functionality being in place.

Hey @dmacoxford,

If you’re using skins or anything that is available only if you have a standalone Essential Grid license, please follow the instruction in this thread: That will allow you to enter your Essential Grid license and use features exclusive for license holders.

If that does not help, would you mind giving us access to both of your websites namely the and the .com version. Give us the following:

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Username
  • Password

Please post those in a Secure Note.


Resolved the issue, I can now generate up and amend the skins to include custom meta data. Will test and any further issue will report back. Thanks for the help.

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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