Migration problems

Hello I tried migrating using Migrate Guru plugin, and it all worked mostly perfect, but front page was blank.

I think it’s fixed itself now but it’s looking like this to me now:

Hello Jasdeep,

Thanks for writing to us.

You need to disable the page title from page settings. First of all edit the home page. Now click on Skin Modifications. Check Disable Page Title option.

Hope it helps you.

That worked partly but is stll wrong, I’ve showed two screenshots.

Hi Jasdeep,

In your staging server, it looks fine. Can you please provide the credential for the production server to compare with the staging, also it helps us to examine the issue.
Currently Under Construction page is activated in the production server.


Hello I have made these credentials for you for production:

Hey @tessercat,

Please try changing the Page Template to Blank No Container | Header Footer. To learn more about Page Templates, please see documentation here https://theme.co/docs/page-settings

For the Card element, there’s no option to make them stretch the height of the column so you need to do it via custom CSS. Below is a sample code and method to achieve what you need. Add the code in the Card’s Element CSS.

$el.x-card {

Hope that helps.

Hello that seems to have worked but it’s caused another issue shown in the below picture.

Hi Jasdeep,

There could be a custom code, plugins and cache issue conflicting your website. I recommend you do the following troubleshooting steps.

  3. Disabling Cache

Only if none of that helps, please give us the following information in a Secure Note because the user you provided above is not an admin.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.

Thank you.

I have another question for now while I figure that one out, for now I have put that page to default template my Articles page has the same problem no matter which template I choose:

Hey @tessercat,

Regretfully, the Stacked Header layout will only really stick the Navbar and not the Logo bar. We receive numerous different header customizations in the past and to some extent, we have shown some guidance on how to customize the header but in the end, it became apparent that it’s not feasible for us to keep on providing different kinds of customization guides because it was abused by customers making us do all sorts of customizations.

Because of that, our developers created Pro to allow users to have a custom header without the use of custom codes. Pro’s got a Sticky Bar option too so if you build a header using the Pro Header Builder, you can achieve a stacked layout with both bars being sticky. With that said, the best solution is to upgrade to Pro. We’ll teach you how to achieve that if once you upgrade.

Regarding deactivating plugins, there usually is no danger of breaking your site except for the fact that temporarily, the areas powered by third-party plugins would not be visible or temporarily broken.

If you want no-risk testing, you need to copy your live site to a staging server. If you’re not aware of that, you can learn from here https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-create-staging-environment-for-a-wordpress-site/

Also, regarding the sample code I’ve posted previously, I’m sorry I forgot to say that we do not provide support for custom codes. What I provided is just a sample or a guide for you to achieve what you need. Theme customization including writing of custom codes is beyond the scope of our support. If you wish to extend the styles and functionality of our themes and builders, you need to learn CSS yourself and also learn how to use a browser’s element inspector so you can see the selectors that you’ll need.

If upgrading to Pro and learning CSS is not an option, you can always hire or consult with a 3rd party developer.

Hope that helps.

Would Pro not require a lot to be done again from the start? I’ve also already paid for an X license.

Hi Jasdeep,

If you convert your X to Pro, your current X website will always be compatible with Pro. Pro has a header and footer builder that will easily help you achieve your goal. If you are planning to Convert your X to Pro, there’s no need for you to buy another license, you can convert your X license to Pro license and just pay the difference. You can also check our document on how Converting X to Pro works.

Hope that helps.

Thank you.

I had a similar experience…I am interested in contacting a trouble shooter who verifies connection between website and data base.

Hi @Gholson,

If you are having the migration issues, please check with the article on how you can migrate your site.
Please remember that we don’t troubleshoot any migration issues as they are outside the control of our products.

If you have any other issues, I would like to request you create a thread by describing a specific issue to get support on that.


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