Button styles disappear on live site


I don’t know why, out of a sudden, my buttons’ styles on one of my pages disappear when publish the page. They are just fine inside cornerstone but whenever I check the published page the styles disappear. This happened just yesterday, they were OK before that.

It’s driving me crazy so I started the normal process. I cleared caches, reset permalinks, changed browsers, changed computers, changed devices, even locations I changed (I don’t know what that has to do with this issue) without success.

I’ll appreciate any help

Thanks in advance

Hi @hjaffer,

Thank you for writing in, that issue usually happens if you have a broken custom CSS on your site. Did you add a custom CSS recently? If so, please revoke/remove that custom CSS.

It could be in the Theme Options > CSS, header CSS, footer CSS, or in the Element CSS.

Hope it helps,

Thanks @friech

I don’t. I checked all these before writing in. The thing is everything was ok last night. It happened later in the night and I didn’t add custom css anywhere.

Not sure what happened.

Help is appreciated.

Hi @hjaffer,

Are you still having issue with the buttons now because I have just checked and the buttons on the site look correct (see secure note).

If you are still having an issue, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Thanks @Jade

I figured it out, finally. Turns out that an extra closing curly bracket that I apparently forgot to remove from the header assigned to that page is causing the issue :scream:

I’m sorry to waste your time and thanks for your support.

Hey @hjaffer,

We are just glad that you have figured it out a way to correct the said issue.
Thanks for letting us know!

Best Regards.

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