Same style in both menus using widget element

For some reason since a while the styling of the right menu injected by a widget element is gone.
I would like same style as the left menu at the one of the right side. How can I set it in global css as the menus are on all sites just the content is different depending on topic

Hello Marion,

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ok, here we go for the screenshot. the redboxes showing menus. You can find them on nearby all of my pages but not at the startpage.
the menu on the left side is fine but I do not find thow to get the menu on the right side. Do avoid editing all pages it would be awesome if a global css would solve my problem.

Credentials will follow as suggested. Feel free to change and fix anything you find. (there is a js error from slider revolution I aint get rid of also, but thats another issue I might open another thread for)

Hi @mazza8888,

It has been found that two different widget used in these two widget areas. The first one is Navigation Menu and another one is Latest Posts, and these two have their own default styles and that is why it shows different in frontend.

Thanks for understanding.

thank you clarifying where the issue is nested but the interesting part is where can I edit the styles using cornerstone or do I have to use css? I haven’t defined any styles for the left menu so probably some of my latest changes or an add-on has overwritten the definition for the list items somewhere. I prefer using cornerstone to keep it simple but the widget area is not showing such possibilities as for example row or columns do so I guess the only way is finding the widget with dev console from e.g. firefox or chrome and overwrite? Is this correct or is there a proper way for this using tools from X?

Hello Marion,

All the styling in the navigation menu and the recent post widgets were built-in the theme’s stack style. You cannot use Cornerstone to edit the styling. You will have to use custom CSS to be able to change the styling of these two widget elements. Regretfully this is beyond the scope of our support. We are unable to provide support for customizations under our Support Policy. If you are unfamiliar with code and resolving potential conflicts, you may select our One or Care service for further assistance.

Thank you for your understanding.

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