Mobiel menu button not working

Hi all,

I’ve used the X-theme to make this website Now the mobile button is not working, it used to work. The fixes i’ve seen on the forum are not working.

Can somebody help me to fix this? Thanks in advance!
King regards

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reaching out.

It appears that you have updated your cornerstone plugin, but your theme remains old. Please update your theme as well.

But due to version difference, it may not update due to error so I recommend deactivating your cornerstone and update your theme. Then activate your cornerstone again.


Hi Rad,

I’ve manually updated the theme via ftp after i deactivated the cornerstone plugin. Unfortunately the menu still doesn’t work!

Kind regards,

Hey @martinerooth,

Seems like a caching issue, I checked your site and I see the content of your site is being served by the cache, After doing the updates, always remember to clear all caches (if you are using WP Rocket, WP SuperCache or W3 Total Cache) when updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors.

Let us know how this goes!

Hi Nabeel,

I’ve deleted the cache using the WP Fastest Cache plugin, but the problem with the menu remains.

Kind regards,

Hey @martinerooth,

This could be due to incorrect optimization of your site. You should exclude X and Cornerstone’s resource from minification. You can contact your optimization plugin author to learn how to do that.

For now, try clearing your optimization plugin’s cache again and deactivate and check the issue if it persists.

If it does, keep optimization plugins deactivated and give us your site’s WordPress Login URL, Username and Password in a Secure Note


Hi Christian_y,

I’ve exluded all css and js files form X and Cornerstone, but the problem still exists.

In de secure note below you will find my my credentials

Kind regards,

Hello Martin,

Thanks for updating the thread.

I checked the website and after doing the troubleshooting I noticed that the mobile menu is not working because of the CSS codes that’s added in Theme Options > CSS. When I removed the CSS, mobile menu is working fine. Please see screencast.

So, there’s some CSS code that’s affecting the functioning of mobile menu. Please inspect the CSS code and narrow down the code that’s affecting the mobile menu.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide support for custom codes as that falls outside the scope of support we can offer. You will have to narrow down the CSS code either by elimination method or if you are comfortable with Chrome or Firefox dev tools you can easily trackdown the code causing problem.

Here’s resource to get started with dev tools:


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