Classic Accordion Element not editable

I already worked through serveral similar topic, but notihing worked for me.
Problem: Classic accordion element is not shown in backend, and therefore it is not editable.

X Theme Version 6.5.5
Cornerstone Version 3.5.4

I testest all third party plugin for incompatibility, but the problem stayed the same.

Thanks for your help,

Hi Mathias,

Did you add some custom codes on your site? If so, kindly remove those codes and see if it fixes the issue. If the issue persists, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Hi Jade,

dicovered that Skeleton Mode allows me to edit the content of the accordion. Not very comfy, but at least a possibility.

Hi @mhabits,

Yes, editing through the Skeleton Mode is a workaround. You might also wanna try testing for a plugin conflict. You can do this by deactivating all third party plugins, and seeing if the problem remains. If it’s fixed, you’ll know a plugin caused the problem, and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time.


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