Existing WooCommerce product leads to a 404 page


On this site: http://birthdaypresence.com/ we have a WooCommerce product that currently has all the right info and it’s in stock, but when we click on it’s link it leads to a 404 page.

This is the link: http://birthdaypresence.com/product/doula-support-lunch-lounge/

When we are logged into wordpress we can open it, but for a visitor who isn’t logged in, it leads to a 404 page.

What do you think could be causing this issue and how do we fix it?

Hi @INcroatia,

Try to reset permalinks by going too Settings > Permalinks and click on save pages.
Check the product permalinks as well and make sure it is set to /product

If this does not help, please provide us your wordpress admin login in Secure Note


We fixed it! Product was set to Private.

Glad you’ve sorted it out :slight_smile:

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