How to increase the top margin for page/post titles


How can I increase the single page/post title and breadcrumb top margin. At present the distance between the bottom of the header and the top of the title and breadcrumb is too small?

Thank you in advance

Hi Helen,

Thank you for reaching out to us. To fix the issue, navigate to Theme Options > Header > Navbar and increase the value of Navbar Top Height to 100 (see screenshot)

Let us know how this goes!


Thank you for your response, this is not the issue I am referring to. Your instructions refer to the header size, I am referring to the distance between the bottom of the header and the page/post title.

Please see url

Thank you

Hey Helen,

Nabeel’s solution is correct. The Header Landmark which contains the Post Title and Breadcrumbs is pushed up because the Navbar’s height is small (currently 70px).

Take a look at the following screenshot. The top of the Header Landmark is actually sticking at the bottom of the blue highlight which is the end of 70px height.

Set the Navbar Top Height to 90 or 100 as Nabeel suggested and it that does not help, give us WordPress Admin access in a Secure Note



Thanks you for your response, although this has worked I now have a narrower header which is not what I wanted it doesn’t look right at all, any ideas, you have the link for my page?

Thanks in advance

** Also can you tell me if I have the standard x version or the pro, if the standard what do you get with the pro version?

Hey Helen,

The setting we suggested was supposed to make your header taller. I checked your site again and the header is tall. Please try playing with other Header options to get the right spacing for logo and navigation.

About your header, you’re using X so Pro Headers are not available. With Pro Header, you can achieve a customized header like adding a button, centered logo and more. To see more, check out the Header and Footer Intro video here:

More tutorials are also available in our Youtube Channel.

If you wish to upgrade to Pro, check out the X to Pro Conversion guide here:

Hope that helps.


Thanks for you quick response. I am on to about my fifth WordPress theme and hoping x can restore my faith. I have spent too long messing around with trying to get the site the way I want it that the content has suffered. Fingers crossed this works for me.

Thank you for your kind assistance it is much appreciated.

How can I get a free upgrader there is no button, I have to pay 15 dollars?


Go Pro: $15
(25% OFF)
ThemeForest ( Purchased: Dec 18, 2019 )

Waiting for Transfer – Lock License




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Hello Helen,

We do not offer any free upgrade. Depending on when you have purchased the X theme, there is a % discount when you do upgrade to Pro theme. In your case, you only pay $15 for the upgrade.


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