Columns look like rows

I really dunno what’s going on.

Brand new installation;
New page;
New section;
New row;
I set up the row for 3 columns;
3 columns are created;
They look stacked like 3 rows.

This, of course, happens the only time I’m in a hurry with a project.

I checked on the global options but I can’t see anything wrong.
Can someone figure out what’s going on?

Thanks in advance

Hi @snowtura,

It is possible that the size of the view you have when editing on cornerstone is not in a large display so kindly also check and set the setting of other display and make sure they are set to 3 columns:

If the issue persists, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

I’m pretty sure the display is big enough :slight_smile: i’m on 1440p on a 27".
I checked on the different viewports: the smallest two are set on 1 column but even when I reset them on 3, nothing changes.

I just finished another website on X and learned many new interesting stuff so I feel much comfortable with all the settings but sometimes there are things I miss :wink:

I’ll go with the secure note.

Hi @snowtura,

Thanks for the details.

I have checked and the main issue is because you have an incompatible version of X and Cornerstone.

Your Cornerstone is updated to the latest version but X is still outdated so kindly make sure to update X as well.

Here is a link for a details information on how to do an update:

Please remember to clear all caches when updating so that the code from the latest release is always in use. This will help you to avoid any potential errors or any unexpected display issue on the site.

Hope this helps.


Of course, that solved it. Thanks.

However, I had no update notices from WP before. I needed to click un Updates link several times before seeing X update notice.

Anyway, now everything works.
Thanks for your hyper speed help.


Glad to hear it’s sorted, @snowtura.

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