Footer visible in Cornerstone, but missing in live/preview, on one page only

This is how my Job Search page looks in Cornerstone, correctly showing the footer at the bottom.

But this is how it looks in live preview and also in when in Theme Options. No footer is showing. This is only happening on this page. On all other pages, the footer is showing correctly in every view.

Any particular idea why it would show correctly in Cornerstone, but not on any other view, and only on this page? It is using the same page template with header and footer on, but it doesn’t show up in live preview or when I am looking the page in theme options. It cannot be a cache issue either, as i have already addressed that.

Please assist with any suggestions you might have. Thanks.

Hi Shane,

Thanks for reaching out.

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Thank you.

Hello Shane,

I have investigated the issue and it turns out that it is caused by the broken iframe code that you have inserted. You added this:

<iframe src=""/ height="1500" width="100%">

The correct iframe tag should be closed.

<iframe src="" height="1500" width="100%">

I went ahead and resolved the issue already. Check the page now.

Doh. Thanks.

Not sure why then it still worked OK in the Cornerstone preview, and just not the WordPress preview, but thanks.

Hey Shane,

It worked in Cornerstone preview due to the auto correct feature of the builder but in live preview it won’t work due to the syntax error.

Glad that we could be of help. Cheers!

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