Newest Update Broker Mapping Plugin

The newest update broke my mapping plugin “Impress For IDX Broker”.

This page just loads now. I have turned off all plugins and switched to 2021 theme and it is definitely the theme.

Please advise as this is a Critical piece of my website.


Hello @jasonfox,

Thanks for writing in! There are JS errors on the page:

OneSignalError.js:18 Uncaught (in promise) m: OneSignal: This web push config can only be used on Your current origin is
    at Function.checkRestrictedOrigin (
    at Function.<anonymous> (
    at (<anonymous>)
    at r (
n @ OneSignalError.js:18
m @ SdkInitError.js:48
checkRestrictedOrigin @ ConfigHelper.js:52
(anonymous) @ ConfigHelper.js:32
r @ tslib.es6.js:62
Promise.then (async)
c @ tslib.es6.js:64
r @ tslib.es6.js:62
Promise.then (async)
c @ tslib.es6.js:64
(anonymous) @ tslib.es6.js:65
n @ tslib.es6.js:61
init @ OneSignal.js:182
(anonymous) @ VM56:37
processItem @ ProcessOneSignalPushCalls.js:5
push @ OneSignal.js:673
processAsArray @ ReplayCallsOnOneSignal.js:19
processAsES6Stub @ ReplayCallsOnOneSignal.js:39
doReplay @ ReplayCallsOnOneSignal.js:10
(anonymous) @ pageSdkInit.js:21
(anonymous) @ pageSdkInit.js:25
i @ bootstrap:19
(anonymous) @ bootstrap:68
(anonymous) @ bootstrap:68
fbpix-events-en_US-2.9.33.js:1 GET net::ERR_ABORTED 404

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Best Regards.

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