Page element not displaying 4-digit values at Frontend

Hello folks,

My site shows prices for the products on promo pages, and since some recent (or not so recent) update (maybe WP maybe Pro), values with 4-digit (using parameter from WC for the product prices) are showing just 1-digit (the first digit of the 4-digit price). It was working fine when I’ve first launched the site, but I’ve had to relocate the business.

That element works fine for 2-digit and 3-digit prices from WC, but not for 4-digit prices, when it shows only the 1st digit of that price after the effect. I’ve tried removign all CSS from the Theme and from the pages, but it seems I’m missing something here, it has worked before. You can see the 1-digit prices (actually 4-digit WC prices):

I hope you folks can help me finding and debuggint this. It’s mostly what’s holding me to start promoting and step to Production. I’ve made a Staging version, please send me a private form so I can share the credentials then you can jump in. I can also provide an All in One WP Migration export in case you want to jump in and test it more deeply.

Thank you very much and best regards

Hi @fabiofava,

Thank you for reaching out to us. You can check for the following first:


If the issue persists then please get back to us with the result of the steps above and URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.


Hello @nabeel thanks for getting back!

I’ve done all steps and even with only Pro (not Child) and WooCommerce, no Theme or Page CSS nor JS, even this way the problem persists. Server and WP caches cleared and disabled, my hosting (WPMU DEV) has MemCacheD Object Cache that cannot be disabled, but it’s not active for the Staging Server exactly to allow non-cached environment. Both Pro and WooCommerce are latest versions available at this moment, I assume they’re compatible

I’ll keep looking forward from you thank you very much!

Hi Fabio,

Thank you for the credentials, I’m afraid the counter element needs to go. The Counter element does not support decimals and commas, as you can see even the other prices do not show the centavo part of the price (our dev team still working to make this work). For now you need to use a standard text and maybe apply some effects to it.

Thank you for understanding,

Hello @friech thanks for getting back,

None of those prices have commas or cents. They’ve been working since 1 year and now they aren’t. I cannot understand, nothing was changed and suddenly it doesn’t work. If you pay attention these counters are a key element on my website.

I’ve just removed the decimal and thousands (, and .) from WC settings and now it’s working again! I’ll keep this way until we find a permanent solution to that.

Please I hope we find what’s going on, non commas no cents…

Hi Fabio,

Glad that it works now after removing the decimal and thousands, my colleague has already reported the issue in our issue tracker for further investigation.

Thanks for understanding

Thank you all my friends! Your theme is just the best and I love it! You can close the topic!

Hi Fabio,

Thanks for appreciation.