Develop Custom Element in Cornerstone plugin

I want to develop Custom Element similar to Classic Recent Posts. Can Someone help me with it?
I want to the path where the code snippet file and other support files like definition.php, defaults.php etc. are to be added.
I already tried adding the files referring to below document but its not showing up in the Element Library so I think I missing out some steps. It will be great if someone can help with path of the file and other steps.

Document: (In this Document there no path given where the files needs to added to add element successfully.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Chirag,

Did you download and try to install the sample extension that is in the document?

If not, it would be better to start for the sample extension so that you could see a working example.

Please also make sure that you enabled the extension after installing it on your site.

If you have done the necessary steps but you still cannot see the elements, please provide us with the admin and FTP access to your site in a Secure Note:

Hey Chirag,

Thanks for writing in. I just first wanted to let you know that creating custom elements requires web development knowledge. That means that it is understood that you, as the custom element creator, know how to follow the given instruction which is already complete in terms of getting the user started. The creator or the element developer must also know how to debug his/her code and custom development help is not offered as part of our product support.

I’d recommend that you install the Sample Extension posted in the custom element documentation.

Thank you for understanding.

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