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Hi I have two problems which unfortunately is particularly pertinent to smart phone access. My Filterable Index no longer functions and also my pull down menu indicated by a plus in the RHS top corner doesn’t function either.

Previously, the latter problem occurs when I haven’t updated my Wordpress (currently fine 5.6). I noted my X Theme Ethos was not up to date and I updated it. But both still don’t function.

I am not that functional with technical elements of Wordpress, such as typing in commands. Siteground is my hosting service.

Any help welcome!

Hi @tonybreadtag,

Thanks for reaching out.

Please make sure that your X theme and Cornerstone plugin is updated to the latest version. X theme should be 8.0.10 and Cornerstone plugin should be 5.0.10. If the issue still persists after updating to the latest version.

I recommend the following troubleshooting procedures before we investigate the settings.


Only if none of that helps, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.

Thank you.

Hi Marc

Thank you for your response. Over New Year and took me time to follow your instructions. Would appreciate a bit more of your time. I found a plug-in conflict eventually with SG Optimizer (SiteGround). I presume the next step would be to contact my hosting service and ask them about it?

I have 36 plug-ins some deactivated until I need them. And a couple that I should delete but haven’t yet. Is there any way to manage plug-ins efficiently?

I have 3 X- Plug-ins Custom 404, Disqus Comments, Google Analytics. But I also have All 404 Redirect to Home Page & Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights and I’m not sure how Disqus Comments works. Should I get rid of any of these?

I would appreciate your comments.
Thanks for solving my initial problem.

Hello @tonybreadtag,

You are welcome. We are delighted to help you.

By the way, having 36 plugins requires a lot of resources. You may need to increase your PHP memory limit to at least 512MB. We can highly recommend that only activate the plugin is necessary to the site. If you can find one plugin that does several features, that would be better. For example, instead of using the Analytics plugin, you can install Google SiteKit.

Hope this helps.

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