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I’ve transferred over to another hosting provider and updated my version of wordpress, but 4 - 5 of my pages have disappeared front end - they still appear fine in the back end when i edit the page. I think these pages were created on the free version before i’ve updated to premium so it could be a database error? can someone have a look at it for me if i private message the details?

Hi @jwexler3.

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Sorry for the delay, I’ve added a secure note for you to take a look

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Hello @jwexler3,

How did you transfer the site from one host to another? It seems that you haven’t followed the proper migration process which may have corrupted the page content meta which holds the data of the builder. When I check the revisions, the contents were changed a few days ago.

See the secure notes.

You may revert to the previous revisions of the page and try to recover some of the page content data. If the data is corrupted, you may need to recreate the page from scratch. And if ever you still have access to the old site host, you will need to check out this migration process instead:

Kindly let us know how it goes.

I migrated it correctly using Blogvault plugin which I’ve used to migrate a number of other websites in the past. The revisions were myself trying to fix the error after it happened so they won’t revert back.

The shortcodes/code for the page is still there - So rebuilding the page would only create the exact same shortcodes. Is there no way this can be fixed?

Hey @jwexler3,

I checked your site and what happened in the pages is the builder’s data was deleted because of either of incorrect migration (the post meta data which is serialized was not included or supported) or content edited outside of the builder.

If you still have the whole WordPress files and especially the database, you can do the migration again but this time, follow the correct migration process as said by Ruenel. Blogvault is ok but ensure that they support serialized data and include the Post Meta data.

Otherwise, you’ll need to rebuild the pages.

Hope that helps.

Is this just the wp_postmeta table or are there others? It seems all tables have been migrated correctly, but I have a backup of the database and can restore specific tables if needed - I haven’t made any changes to posts since the migration

Hey @jwexler3,

Yes, the builder data resides in the wp_postmeta table. Make sure that your migration plugin supports serialized data because that is what the data is stored as.

I understand that you haven’t made any changes to the post but you’re referring to manual changes. What I’m referring to are changes done by external systems like the migration that you did and possibly some plugins that can edit the content programmatically.

Hope that helps.

Hi Christian,

I’ve set up a staging site of the migration and those pages show. I’ve then exported the SQL file of the wp_postmeta table, dropped the existing table, and imported the staging site version, and I’m still no further forward…

The pages show on the staging site, so I don’t understand why they’re not showing when the wp_postmeta table is live. Are there any other tables I need to import?

Hi @jwexler3,

The wp_postmeta table is a reference table where the metadata stored for all the posts based on the post_ids, if you have migrated the data in your staging the wp_postmeta table should have the reference post_id of your staging server which is not present your production site database wp_post table.
That might be a reason behind your issue, I would suggest you migrate the full site from your staging to production by following the article:


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