MailPoet Premium plugin is incompatible with the free MailPoet plugin

After following the instructions on the following page :

I get the this error :
Your MailPoet Premium plugin is incompatible with the free MailPoet plugin. Register your key or purchase one now to update the Premium to the latest version.

I found one MailPoet package to update but when I try to update I receive the following message :

MailPoet 3 Premium (New) The update failed : There is no update package (translate from french)

I have these versions installed :
Wordpress v.5.3.2
Pro v.3.1.2
MailPoet v.3.43.1
MailPoetPremium v.3.0.77

Is there a solution to be able to get MailPoet working ? In my case, I can not work with the version installed because when I try to make changes in the setting page on MailPoet, I get a white empty screen.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Marco,

Are you getting the same issue when you are trying to update other bundled plugins?

For the meantime, please revoke your theme installation’s validation.

Here are the steps in Revoking a licenses:

If you are not seeing the revoke validation option on the top of the page, try scrolling to the most bottom part of the page.

Once you revoked the theme’s current validation, kindly try to validate it again update the plugin.

If the issue persists, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

I deactivate and reactivate the theme but the issue persist. I also try to completly remove MailPoet and Premium and install it again and the same issue occur.

Thanks for your help.

Hey Marco,

The given credentials doesn’t work. But, I get error message in my site too using:

  • MailPoet 3 Premium (New) 3.0.77
  • MailPoet 3 (New) 3.44.0

MailPoet 3 Premium 3.0.80 might resolve the issue but it isn’t available yet.

I’ll clarify this to our third-party plugins manager.

Please stay tuned


Hey Christian,

It’s now working, I was able to do the update.

Thanks for your help.

Glad to hear it’s sorted, Marco.


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