Woocommerce page title and intro text


i created a page and set it as the webshop product page. Works well, but there is no page title showing.

How can I do and that and also write a little intro and style that?


Hey @conte,

I believe you’re using Pro Header as that will replace the Original Header including the Shop Title. What you could do in this case is duplicate your Pro Header and assign the copy to your Shop page. After that, you might also want to rename the copy to “Shop Header” or similar for management purposes. To rename, just double click on the header title.

Now, edit the Shop header and add a new Bar with a Headline element in it. Edit the Headline to your desired Shop Title.

For the Shop description, you can either add a Text element to your Shop header or write text directly to your Shop page. If you choose the shop page method though, your styling options are limited.

That’s just it.

Hope that helps.


thanks. that works, but really doesnt look good.

Any other Ideas?

Hi @conte,

You’re welcome. Can you share what you have so far? To help you better, please give us details of your expectation.

its not public so here is a screenshot:

I want to have headline and some text above the webshop-items.

why can elementor page builder handle woocommere so well in comparison?

Hey @conte,

Going back to your comment.

I was expecting that you will style the Headline element or the Shop Header and the description. This is why I also mentioned this:

I was suggesting that you use a Text element instead of using the WordPress Editor as your options are limited there.


Now to your latest comments.

I already mentioned how to add them. You just need to style them. Is styling your problem now? If so, add the headline and description as mentioned previously and detail what your goal is or your expectation as Lely said.

First off, please be aware that discussions about competing products are prohibited in our forums.

Lastly, I’ll just want you to understand that product designers and developers differ in knowledge and skillsets. Our products do have pros and cons as compared to others and so does elementor. We will not continue to discuss about this.

Thank you for understanding.

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