Disappeared Favicon

Favicon disappeared and when I go to restore it I get the Crop screen, but it is blank, there is no sign of the image I have just selected.

Running current version

Hello @Fairbanking,

Thanks for writing in! This could be caused by a plugin conflict, amongst other things. Please check out this troubleshooting article here and follow the instructions for the following sections (where appropriate):

  • Testing for Plugin Conflict
  • Theme Update
  • Cornerstone plugin update
  • Child Theme
  • CSS/JS Customization

If nothing is helping, provide us access to your site so that we can check your settings. Please create a secure note with the following info:
– Link to your site
– WordPress Admin username / password

To know how to create a secure note, please check this out: How The Forum Works

Best Regards.

I have followed your instructions unfortunately without success, and do not appear to have the SECURE NOTE option as per your illustration…

Best regards

Hello @Fairbanking,

Please check our this thread first to find more how you can get support and post a secure note.


Hi Ruenel my point was that at that time SECURE NOTE was not displaying here, now that it is, I have been able to work with it…

Hey @Fairbanking,

The credentials you provided doesn’t work. Please check and update us with the working credentials.

Before that though, the Favicon is not controlled by our theme. It is configured by WordPress. Please check the Favicon setting in WordPress Customizer first. See https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-add-a-favicon-to-your-wordpress-blog/.

Also, did you do the troubleshooting steps listed by Ruenel? It’s important that we know if the issue is coming from our theme or not. Please do the troubleshooting steps after you’ve checked the Favicon Setting. Here they are again:


Thank you for your cooperation.

Hi Christian, the Favicon had been in situ for nearly five years now, when I go to the add Favicon element, to add it back, and select the Favicon, I am taken to the “Crop” screen, bu there is no image to crop

I disabled all the plugins and the problem persists, whilst I have a child theme, that is for good hygiene, there are no customisations, likewise with custom CSS.

I have added the /wp-admin to the site link for you and can access the control panel with the credentials provided in the Secure Note

Thanks in anticipation

Hey @Fairbanking,

Thanks for saying that it’s been 5 years since you’ve set up the Favicon. WordPress has taken over the control of the Favicon in the previous years. That is why, please follow what I said previously:

Those troubleshooting steps that we mentioned are just to ensure that the issue is not in our theme first. As long as we see a child theme active, we require that you switch to the parent theme because there’s no way for us to tell if there are customizations.

I logged in to your site and the Favicon wasn’t set, please follow my instruction above. I’m also not lead to any Crop Media interface so you’re probably setting up in the wrong place.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Christian, I am clearly not explaining myself well, as you note, I can get to the Select Site Icon, (I still do not understand how it disappeared in the 1st case…but that’s another matter) but when I select the image I get a blank “Crop” page, with no Select Button or other functionality, I am snookered.
If you care to select that 1st top left image, you will see what happens, hence the request for help, I have added many Favicons on multiple sites, over the years.

Thanks for your patience

PS have switched off child theme

Hey @Fairbanking,

Thank you for providing more details. I see the issue now and it’s caused by a 3rd party plugin. I’m sorry but I cannot say what it is as it’s not a part of our theme support service to check 3rd party plugins. And, this is not a theme issue.

Moreover, we have repeatedly instructed to TESTING FOR PLUGIN CONFLICT first. You said you deactivated plugins. Maybe you were selective of the plugins you deactivate. Please deactivate ALL 3rd party plugins to test.


In the secure note, is a video that shows that the issue is resolved by deactivating plugins.


Regarding the disappearance of your Favicon, regretfully, we can’t answer that as we do not have a history of your site. We can assure you though that none of our themes nor the plugins we bundle can do that as none of them has a function to remove the Favicon.

Hope that helps and thank you for understanding.

Thanks Christian, I had thought I had deactivated all the 3rd party plugins.

We are working now, thanks for your diligence



We are glad that it is now working on your end.

Thank you.

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