Glitch or not in typography?

Hi team,

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Preference settings : font manager : set body font and heading font

When adding a heading in the content builder (because I want to use the graphic icon):

  • base font tag set to “p”
  • text format set to “body copy” - “300 book” and a custom color (open sans)

Looks good in the editor

but in the browser these setting are overwritten by the settings in the theme (lato, dark grey)…

When changing that to the custom color and font it looked good again, but it should not happen that a theme setting overwrites the custom font(s)

Have you experienced this?



Hi @quinex,

I tried to replicate this on my setup but I am not able to. There could be something in your setup that causes the font set to the element overridden by the default fonts. Have you tried to test for plugin conflict? If not, please try to do it and check again.

If your already did but the issue persists, please provide us a screencast that shows the issue you are getting and the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Could replicate it, but I fixed it by making sure the setting in customizer were similar to solve it and I’m not going to change that now :wink:

If it comes up again I will let you know.

Hey @quinex,

Great News! You have figured it out a way to correct the said issue.
We really appreciate for letting us know.

Best Regards.

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