Essential grid infinite scroll

essential grid is not working. the scrolling function only shows the first few posts but does not recognize me scrolling down and load the rest. i have talked with the devs over there and all my settings are correct. the website is

I realize that this probably doesn’t help solve your particular case, but I have several websites using infinite scroll without problems, both on the Home page and others:

If you want any more info on my settings etc, please let me know

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Hi Devon,

Thank you for writing in, can you confirm that the ARK Detailed Overview is not your last item? Maybe that is your last item and there are no more items to load after that.

Please provide us login credentials in a secure note so we can take a closer look.


Hi Devon,

Unfortunately, the given URL/User/Pass does not work. Would you please kindly double-check and make sure that you provided the correct information?

I checked the front-end of the website and found out that the WP-Rocket plugin merges all the scripts including the Essential Grid plugin and there is a Javascript error.

I suggest that you clear the cache and disable the WP-Rocket plugin and test the feature. If it fixes the problem you need to exclude the resources of Essential Grid from WP-Rocket plugin.

Please contact the WP-Rocket plugin developer to know how to do so.

Thank you.

that did not work. i fixed the login issue. thank you

Hello Devon,

I was able to login. We still cannot check the site because the given credentials has a very limited privileges. Can you please change the roles to at least an “Administrator” so that we can check your settings and investigate further.

Best Regards.

it has been set to Admin from the beginning.

Hello Devon,

When I first log in, I got redirected to the Community page. Now, the credentials no longer works for us. Can you please provide the updated credentials?

Thank you.

The community page is its own website. is its own instance.

really confused why this is such an issue. i made you guys credentials and i made you admin. i provided the login links and you seem to be caught up. it will always redirect you to that page but then just type in the url bar

Hi Devon,

I’m trying to access it multiple times, the credentials are only working on community front page but not on admin. Would you mind providing more details on how we should access the admin of your community site? It’s because it always redirect to the front upon login.


are you kidding me? i said login to the front. then go to the link

Hello Devon,

I have successfully logged in and checked your site. I could not find the page that display the actual essential grid. Both the Community and the Course page is displaying items by using PeepSo plugin. By the way, PeepSo plugin is generating JS errors on the page. I would highly recommend that you contact the creators of the plugin. They should be able to give a resolution to this issue.

Please let us know how it goes.

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