Gravity Form message "This element could not register due to invalid mark up

Looking for some help. I am attempting to edit a page that has a gravity form on it. I get a message “This element could not register due to invalid markup. You may have unclosed HTML tags in your content.” The front end of the site functions properly but this message is over content in the back end I am trying to change. Can anyone help me figure out how to deal with this so I can edit content on the back end of my site??

Hi Jaime,

Did you add any HTML content to the Gravity Forms? If so, kindly double check the form content and make sure that the html tags are properly paired and closed. If you are still not able to get it sorted, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

I am unaware of adding any HTML content not how to even do that to gravity forms. I added a secure not if you can help that would be great!

Hi Jaime,

I checked the form and there’s nothing wrong with the form setup. However, the issue might be because of the Gravity Form version you are using. The supported version of Gravity form is 2.4.6 while the version that is active on your site is 2.4.17.

We recommend our users to use supported version of the plugins to make sure that everything works seamlessly. You can find the list of the supported plugins and the versions here:

Another thing you can try aside from downgrading is instead of using the Classic Gravity Form element, use the Raw Content element and add the form using its shortcode like this:

[gravityform id=38 title=false description=false ajax=true tabindex=1]

Hope this helps.

Okay, well I tried to do that but for some reason it doesn’t pull in all of the elements of the form. For example I have a background color on the form currently but when I use the Raw Content Element it does not pull in that background. I also changed the font but it doesn’t reflect that change either. Is there a way to include those features? When will Themeco support the latest version of gravity forms?

Hello Jaime,

When you activate Gravity form plugin, the resulting styles will be deactivated. If you want the vanilla version so that your background color of the form which you have set in the builder will be displayed, please check out this thread instead;

Kindly let us know how it goes.

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