Create inline navigations separators with css

Hello. I was reading this conversation

and I tried to copy the proved css, but it didnt do the trick for me.

I can provide a page, but my problem or my hope is to do the exact thing that the author of the original post was trying to do. I have tried it using borders, but it didnt do the trick. Any help appreciated, thanks!

Hi Kiljan,

The code suggested in the post you have linked should still work if you add the code in the Element CSS of the inline navigation element.

If you already did but it is not working, please provide the link to the site you are working on.

Hope this helps.

I will add the site in the secure note

Hi Kiljan,

I tried to use the code using the code inspector and it works fine:

So you probably have place the code incorrectly.

If it is the menu that is in my screenshot that you are trying to place separators in, you will have to update this line in the code background-color: #fff; to background-color: #000; because the site has white background and the code suggestion from the other thread adds a white separator.

If you are still not able to get it sorted, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note:

Sorry, my bad. I understand now. Thanks for all your help

No worries at all. Glad to hear it’s sorted. :slight_smile:

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