Lightbox shorcode is not working


I have use this code, I have allowed link and also set class gallery-item
[lightbox selector=".gallery-item" opacity=“0.875” prev_scale=“0.75” prev_opacity=“0.75” next_scale=“0.75” next_opacity=“0.75” orientation=“horizontal” thumbnails=“true”]

And after click on the picture, it will not show… Can you help me?
By the way can I add some hover effect to the picture?

web page is here:


Hi Dan,

Thanks for reaching out.

Please check this link on how to use the lightbox shortcode properly.

Adding some hover effects to the pictures using shortcode would require customization. Regretfully, customization is outside the scope of our theme support. You may seek help from 3rd party developers or you can avail our One Support, where it will help you with your customization.

Hope that helps and thank you for understanding.

I have used your code with my selector> .single-galery

[lightbox selector=".my-second-portfolio" deeplink=“true” opacity=“0.875” prev_scale=“0.75” prev_opacity=“0.75” next_scale=“0.75” next_opacity=“0.75” orientation=“vertical” thumbnails=“false”]

But not working. Try click on image you will see … it is like some loop error

Hi Dan,

To better help you with your concern, please give us the following information in a Secure Note.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin level username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.

Thank you.

Hello Dan,

I try to access your website Dashboard unfortunately, the given credentials are not working at my end
Please recheck and send us again.


Hi PrakashS

Yes, there is sometime this issue … not sure why. I have made new account. So sending new login info.

Hello Daniel,

Please edit your page and do not put single-galery as an ID. When I check it, I am seeing this:

And then update your lightbox shortcode into this:

[x_lightbox selector=".single-galery img" opacity="0.875" prev_scale="0.75" prev_opacity="0.75" next_scale="0.75" next_opacity="0.75" orientation="horizontal" thumbnails="true"]

Please let us know if this works out for you.

Do you repair ID to class? I can see now class there …

I place your code, but now it not even open lightbox …

Hi Dan,

If you have gone through the demo URL given by my colleague i.e, you can find that the image class name is the selector name in the lightbox shortcode.

[image class="my-portfolio" src="" alt="Example" type="thumbnail" link="true" href="" title="Example Image"]
[lightbox selector=".my-portfolio" deeplink="true" opacity="0.875" prev_scale="0.75" prev_opacity="0.75" next_scale="0.75" next_opacity="0.75" orientation="horizontal" thumbnails="true"]

In the above example, my-portfolio is the image class which used as selector in lightbox shortcode.
But in your case, the selector is .single-galery img whereas the image class is single-galery, I would suggest you remove the img from the selector and check if the lightbox is working.

Alternatively, you can try using the bundled grid plugin name Essential Grid, which has the features you need. Please visit the links below for more details and plugin usage instructions.

Hope it works for you.

I have tried this before also … but it was not working … check it:

Hello Daniel,

It is not working because you did not insert the image URL as your link URL.

I went ahead and made the changes above. The lightbox is working already. Check your page now.

Thank you Ruenel. I followed some tutorial and probably in past it was working without link …

Hey Daniel,

It is impossible to work without a link since the Lightbox shortcode was added to the theme.


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