I upgraded X theme because my website wasn’t working. And now my top bar isn’t working where I used to collect emails. Can you advise? My friend said if I upgraded my theme the code will be gone.

Also on the bottom of my blog posts it says

Can you advise? Example here:

I’ve decided I want to add javascript code for two email forms for the website (one as a top bar, one as a pop up modal) - instead of restoring the old code. Where am I able to add my Javascript code to have it globally on the website?

I have contacted Convertkit (my email provider) and they mentioned this:

I did check your website the stick bar form didn’t show up, so I did check your website and I found out that the theme you are using is using an iframe, see the screenshot below:

Please know that iframe html element is causing conflict to any of our popup form such as modal and sticky bar form. This is similar with Wix website builder that they used iframe and our popup forms will not show up.

^ is there any way to counter this?

Sorry lots of replies/updates here. I’m wondering is there a way to use X Theme to make a pop up modal for email and a top sticky bar? That’s connected to ConvertKit?

Hi Sharon,

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