Pro Theme License Won't Stay Validated

Hey guys,

Weird problem here. The theme successfully validates every time, but then the page refreshes and it’s not validated anymore. No error message (in fact, the message at the top of the screen says it was successful).

I have an unlimited license. I see that it got added automatically on the site, but I just don’t know why it won’t stay validated.

Can you take a look? I’ll share the domain name in a private note.

Note that I had this exact same issue before that was due to a DNS record that hadn’t propagated. However, this site hasn’t had any DNS changes.

I also tested disabling all plugins and validating, and the problem was the same.

Also tried downloading a fresh copy of Pro and uploading that, but it was the same.

Hmmmm I’m seeing some possible malware issues for logged-out users. That may be the problem. Guess I probably solved my own problem again.

I’ll update here.

Okay so this is kind of a weird one. What actually happened is that the site had malware a while back. Our caching plugin (WP Rocket), had cached the malware. We cleaned up the site, and everything appeared good.

However, because of the malware redirects, WP Rocket wasn’t validating. Inexplicably, when it doesn’t validate, the existing cache will continue to work, but it can’t be cleared. The decision to make it work that way is completely untenable, but that’s how it works.

So it cached the malware and prevented itself from validating which just continued the malware, and this also prevented Pro theme from validating.

The solution was to remove the plugin, manually delete all the cache, reupload it and have it validate itself, and then validate Pro theme.

Very silly, but not your fault in this case.

Though I do question why Pro theme will routinely tell you it successfully validated when it doesn’t. Might want to look into the process for that and adjust it.

Hi @brianjohnsondesign,

Thanks for the updates here! Glad to hear it’s all working now and this is resolved. Let us know if you run into any other issues like this. Something we are aware of is that when validation does fail, we have less than ideal visibility into the actual error that caused it. This is something we’ll be revisiting at some point to help bring more clarity early on to what is happening.

Thank you for your response.

I understand it is probably difficult to report exactly what the problem is. In this case, my main issue isn’t that the error message isn’t detailed or accurate, it’s that there IS no error message. The message I get says, “Congratulations, you are now validated!” or whatever the success message is.

And then the page reloads, and it’s not validated. So obviously it’s failing, but it is saying it worked, and that can be frustrating.

Hello @brianjohnsondesign,

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Best Regards.

Hi ruenel,

The problem is actually already solved, and I include a description of what happened in my messages, along with a recommended feature. Thank you!

Hey @brianjohnsondesign,

You are most welcome.
We are glad you’ve figured out a way to resolve your issue.


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