Post Layout Creation for ALL Posts

I set up the front static page in Pro with 6 Sections between Header /Footer. (image addached)

I then setup a Universal Section which was Section #1 of the front page that will go on all post pages. Made it a template.

But … when I go to any post, I only get the Section 1 showing with header/footer. The post layout does not show up under it. Goes from header to featured image.

I have pasted together what I am looking for in the 3rd picture.

My questions are:
Do I have to set up the rest of the post layout under this first Section?? (haven’t found video for that)
How do I get each of the posts to go under the 1st section?? I know there is a Global setup/layout, but I haven’t found it.

I assume it is obvious I have not worked with boxes and grids, just classic editors, but I am trying.

Hello Laurel,

Thanks for writing in! Please edit your custom Single layout and then make sure that you have added the “The Title” and “The Content” dynamic elements aside from the section 1 that you have created.

For example:

Best Regards.

Ok. I was able to fill out my Section 1 with the following:
starting with
Row 3
Column 1
The Title
Row 4
Column 1
Meta Line
Date / Terms
Row 5
Column 1
Featured Image
Row 6
Column 1
The Content

I used a custom layout of 75%-25% to leave room for sidebar.

Everything shows up perfect in the window I am setting this up in.
However, in the regular world …

  1. My featured image is missing.
  2. I don’t see my sidebar. I do not know how to add that. I don’t find a dynamic setup for it.
    Also there are two links at the bottom of my post, that did not show up. Links go to 2 of our social media channels.

This is a link of a post that show the new setup in the real world.

This is what I see in the Post Layout Creation window.

Hey Laurel,

Regarding the Featured Image, what did you use as Dynamic Content? You should use the Featured Image Dynamic Content. And, click the + sign/button to set the DC.



Regarding the Sidebar, did you use the Widget Area element in the Column? If so, please give us the following info in a Secure Note so we could check your what else is missing in your setup.

  • WordPress Login URL
  • Admin username and password

You can find the Secure Note button at the bottom of your posts.

I’d also recommend that you check the Single Post Layout Build from this video You might get some helpful tips.


Hello Laurel,

I have checked your layout and I am seeing this structure:

I would highly recommend that your Row 4, Row 5 and Row 6 should be inserted inside the Row 3, Column 1 so that the Widget Area on the right side will display properly on the site of your post contents.

Kindly let us know if this will work out for you.

Thank you. Worked great. I just need to know how to put on every post, page, category, ect. EXCEPT for the front page.
I think the assignment of "all singular’ covers absolutely everything. I can’t figure out how to say “not on front page”.

Hi Laurel,

It is not very clear what exactly you need to know here. Can you please elaborate a bit more?


I seem to have make the template and it works on "assignment: post / posts
however if I put it to ‘singular’ in the assignment it puts it on front page and that section is now doubled on the front page and the side bar is showing there. I need to find a way to get the template to show on everything except for home page. Is that possible?
Do I need to

  1. make a duplicate layout page (as a full page width – and without the widget side bar
  2. remove the section 1 off of front page (that is the top of the template – so it won’t show twice)
  3. assign just front page to the newest template w/out the widget side bar.

Hey Laurel,

You can add the or condition in the assignment to not to be shown in the frontpage something like this one.


But I suggest, it would be best to duplicate the layout as full page width without the widget sidebar. Then assign the new created layout to the front page.

Hope that helps.

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